Squash Blossoms & Dandelions with Camille Becerra

Coltrane in the kitchen & crushin' on Marco Pierre White

Today we’re having lunch with NY chef Camille Becerra—known not only for her fab cooking but the ultra cute hats she wears in the kitchen, and ultra chic Insta account! Having opened her first restaurant Paloma (named after her daughter) in 2005, Camille now chefs at Navy in Soho. Catch her super simple farro and squash blossom frittata below, with, bonus points, dandelion yogurt!

Hey Camille! Thanks for having us! So, how long have you lived in downtown, New York?
For 15 years, I was first drawn to the crowds of people and how that obviously meant exciting lifestyles and social gatherings as a daily norm.

Totes! And where’s your fave NY neighborhood to hang?
My hood, the corner where NoLita, Chinatown, and Little Italy meet

OK onto the good stuff: Who’s your celebrity chef crush?
Marco Pierre White circa the 90s, Carlo Mirarchi, and Naomi Pomeroy

Marco Pierre White, hot. So what does summer taste like?
Smokey, fresh, and herby

Be more specific: What dish with what drink?
Grilled freshly-made sausages, whole grain mustard and beer

Sounds delish! What music are you dancing to while you cook?

Jazzy. Ultimate dining partner? 
My daughter Paloma, always the best dining partner. Her favorite meal is a classic Puerto Rican/Cuban spread.

Wow, she’s got a sensible palette on her. So, what’s the next “it” food?
Charred veggies with savory yogurt

Yum. What’s your motto in life?
The world would be a better place if everyone knew how to cook.

Agreed. And your motto in the kitchen?
Taste your food and balance your flavors.

Favorite places in the world to get:
Brunch: Diner in Brooklyn
Coffee: Navy in Soho
Curry: Always at home
Sandwich: Saltie, get the Clean Slate sandwich in Williamsburg
Seafood: Hartwood in Tulum
Steak: Odeon in Tribeca, followed by their profiteroles
BBQ: Fette Sau in Brooklyn—binge eating at its best
Cocktail: A gin martini in a dark corner at the Carlyle Hotel bar in New York
Midnight snack: Oyster or caviar and potato chips

Photography by Dacia Pierson

What’s your favorite summer flavor? E-mail or comment below. Stay tuned for Camille’s recipe this week!